SACME has been manufacturing block-making machines for more than 40 years and stands amongst the best known and appreciated manufacturers in this field.

SACME block machines, fitted with the proper moulds, are capable of producing any kind of vibro-compacted concrete units used in the building field, i.e.: hollow and solid blocks, grass grids, paving stones, kerbstones, etc.

Two special elements characterize SACME machines:

  • a patented electro-mechanical program invented by Sacme (patent No.873398) which controls all the machines' automatic functions. This element distinguishes SACME from all the other producers who prefer the use of electronic systems in their machines. Instead, SACME's electro-mechanical program does not make use of any electro-valve and/or electronic component. This permits a constant running of the machines also in case of hard working conditions, i.e. voltage rush, humidity, severe weather conditions, etc.
  • a steel plate on which the concrete products are moulded. This permits the execution of dimensionally perfect blocks and a saving of cement due to the particularly wet concrete mix which can be used with the steel plate production system.

The production range offered by SACME is the most extensive and complete which can be found in the market of block-machines.

By using SACME machines, and by taking advantage of the flexibility of the solutions proposed, any kind of requirement of the concrete block plants can be met, in terms of both quality and quantity of output.

SACME is a valid partner for all block-makers: we offer highly qualified equipment and the rationalisation of the block plant through the application of advantageous, effective and innovative solutions!