SACME hydraulic block clamps are designed for application to Diesel fork lifts. They are simple and easy-to-use instruments for an industrial management of the plant.

SACME block clamps are instruments making the process of handling and moving the finished products automatic, thus ensuring a global rationalisation of the plant and a reduction of costs, even though the labour cost is not high.

Another advantage of SACME block clamps is to be found in the way in which these accessories are conceived. Their special design emphasises on one side the sturdiness and, on the other side, allows for a safe cubing and removing of the finished blocks from the production slab already on the 1st day after production. Then the blocks can be swiftly and safely transported to the storing area or directly onto the lorries.

Designed by specialists who know deeply the needs of the plants, the hydraulic clamps manufactured by SACME are an incomparable accessory for block-makers: a long-lasting investment which is paid back in the short period.



The buckets are complementary accessories manufactured by SACME and also designed for application to a Diesel fork lift. Their function is to collect the concrete mix prepared into the mixer and transport it to the block-making machine. By means of the fork lift the bucket is lifted so that its content is discharged vertically into the machine hopper thus ensuring a rational feeding of the machine itself.

SACME buckets are available in various capacities, according to the mixer capacity and can be supplied in the mechanical or hydraulic version.