The planetary compulsory mixer allows to reduce the water-cement ratio of concrete.

The quantity of cement required is lower but does not influence the final resistance of concrete.

By using the same mixing time as traditional mixers, a better homogeneity of the mixed concrete is obtained and therefore an improved reiliability of the same.

Considering the same resistance, the settinig times of the mix are shorter. The air permeability of the mixed concrete is decreased thus increasing its homogeneity.

Considering the same resistance, shrinkage of mixed concrete is much lower (less cracks).

Increased waterproof power which ensures a better resistance to frost.

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Twin shaft compulsory mixer


Pan compulsory mixers with two mixing axels rotating in the opposite direction and synchronized between them.

The inclination of blades and arms activates a mixing's movement by means of two counterotating propellers, partially superimposed, in order to obtain a complete forced mixing, in the orizzontal and vertical direction too.

Therefore any phenomenon of centrifugal separation and flotage of light materials is avioded. Unloading sector for all the tank's length; quick unloading without danger of stratification for rolling.

Possibility to utilize aggregates up to a granulometry of 150 mm.

Tank's coating both on the sides and heades made by interchangeable panels in anti-wear steel.

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